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The Guest Book! The A to Z of Guestiquette

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Summer means beaches, barbeques & baseball and for those with beach houses, lots of visitors. Just in time for House Guest Season, there’s now a fabulous, fun and frankly much needed new book on the shelves. “The Guest Book! The A to Z of Guestiquette” published by DEVA Press. It is designed to simplify the work of the host and ensure repeat invitations for the guest.

In truth, Houseguest Season is all year round as friends and family visit for holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and for wakes, weddings, birthdays and graduations throughout the year, making “The Guest Book!” useful all year long, an evergreen gift.

“The Guest Book! “ covers topics from A to Z, including how to create a welcoming bedroom oasis, what to bring for a hostess gift (and what not to bring!) and what to do when guests show up at breakfast in their underwear.

Hosts will learn the best ways to say hello (and goodbye) to guests, how to balance socializing with quiet time, whether they need to be a “helicopter host” constantly hovering, and how to communicate and enforce expectations about house rules.

Guests will learn what irritates hosts the most, what to bring and what to leave at home, how to write a proper thank you note (the book even includes sample text) and how they can be most helpful in an already busy household.

The authors, Ginny Daly and Ellen Collins have decades of experience as guests and hostesses at beach houses, city apartments, Caribbean villas, ski houses and lake get-aways.
Daly and Collins are both published writers, both beach lovers. and native Washingtonians who met through the Rehoboth Beach Writer’s

They expanded their hostess know-how by holding focus groups with many other seasoned hosts, a superb source of some of the many useful tips in their book. The authors are available for media interviews, aprearances and book signings. Seasoned speakers, they have FAQs and behind-the-scenes stories that bring the
topic of “Guestiquette” to life for the 21st century.

Among the 26 chapters they’ve interspersed easy-to prepare recipes to lighten the host’s load so there can be more time enjoying company and less chained to the stove. Their philosophy is to make houseguesting easy, simple and fun, not stuffy and stiff, so that by the end of the stay hosts will say “Please come again!” and guests will reply “We’d love to!” And all will truly mean it.

To ensure good mannters, the authors created Official Guestiquette Thank You notes, complete with a sample text! All that’s needed is to fill in the details, address and a stamp.

As an added bonus, this cleverly written book includes 20 pages for guest signing so it’s two books in one. Guests can peruse the front pages for etiquette tips and then sign their thanks on the back pages. A great gift book, it’s a must for every coffee table in America!

“The Guest Book!” is available at

by Ginny Daly & Ellen Collins

About the Authors

Ginny Daly, youngest of seven, has hosted family and friends from newborn to ninety at her homes in Washington, DC, Rehoboth Beach, DE, NYC, Park City, UT and Tortola, BVIs. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, she’s been a grateful houseguest on her bike rides across Iowa. A native Washingtonian, she headed her own marketing firm, was media spokesperson for the online industry, Board Chairman of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, President of the American News Women and is a member of Washington’s Cosmos Club. This is her second book.

Ellen Collins is a teacher, writer, and artist who lives in Vienna VA and Bethany Beach DE. She has enjoyed the hospitality of others in homes around the country and has opened the doors to her house on the dunes to family and friends for the past 21 years. Another native Washingtonian, she taught for Fairfax County Public Schools for over 20 years and has led writing workshops for adults and children in Massachusetts, Louisiana, Texas, West Virginia, and Virginia. Last year she published her first book of poetry, The Memory Thief.

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