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How to Contour & Highlight Your Face

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Have you ever thought that life would be so much better if we could view everything through a soft focus lens?  A photographer uses the soft focus effect to eliminate blemishes and in general to produce a dream-like effect in his photos. How awesome would that be, given all the evils and ills in our world, if we could just view all of life’s worries through this soft focus filter causing every blemish to be eliminated?  Ahhhhh… alas, that is not real life so we must settle for offering the world the best we have to offer every day and hope that in some small way we make a difference. But before you give up entirely on your dream, The Aesthetic Center just may be able to help you in a small way achieve that dream-like state…

Did you know that contouring, done properly, can give you that soft focus effect all the time?  Not only can you look amazing in your retouched photos but you can achieve that look daily!

Below we give you step by step instructions on how to get the look!

Apply foundation as usual

Apply the light shade on areas that you want to draw out using a small, condensed foundation brush

  • Above the cheekbones
  • Center of the forehead & brow bones
  • Bridge of the nose & nasolabial folds
  • Create a figure 8 shape on the chin

How to Contour & Highlight Your Face | Aesthetic Center | Lewes, DE 19958

Apply the dark shade on areas you want to recede

  • Underneath the cheekbones to the hairline
  • Edges of the forehead & temples
  • Each side of the nose unless nose is naturally slender
  • Underneath the lip & side of the jaw

How to Contour & Highlight Your Face | Aesthetic Center | Lewes, DE 19958

Using a large blending brush, such as the multi-talent brush, blend contouring stripes in a large
circular motion until all shades are blended together to create your dream-like effect.

The before and after pictures were done here at The Aesthetic Center of Lewes using Makeup Factory Cosmetics.  In order to perfect this look, it is absolutely essential to have the right tools and makeup to perfect this look.  We carry all the products and tools used for these transformations.  If you would like to schedule your own contouring lesson please call the center at 302-827-2125.

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