Laser Tattoo Removal

Lasers such as the ClearLift by Alma Lasers, can be effectively used for the removal of dark and multicolored tattoos. The ClearLift is a brand of state-of-the-art q-switched ND: Yag laser which minimizes the risks of scarring or loss of skin color (hypopigmentation).
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Laser hair removal

PIXEL Fractionated Laser Resurfacing

The Pixel laser is a resurfacing laser that can dramatically improve one’s skin without significant downtime or discomfort. This laser is ideally suited for the treatment of sun damage, fine lines, resistant pigmentation, acne scars, roughened textures, and enlarged pores. It may also help reduce fine lines and skin laxity on the face, neck, chest and arms and hands with little to no downtime.
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/Laser stretch mark treatment

Laser Skin Tightening with ClearLift

This is ideal for anyone that wants laser tightening of the jawline, neck and cheek bones. We will often combine this treatment with our mildly ablative PIXEL Fractionated Erbium Laser, which will yield results of tightening as well as improved tone and texture of the skin.
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Laser tattoo removal

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