Laser Hair Removal

This powerful technology requires fewer treatments, and produces better results than traditional hair removal procedures. it can eliminate the hassle of shaving and waxing, and is less painful and less time-consuming than electrolysis. Laser hair removal is the perfect hair removal solution for men and women.
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Laser hair removal

Stretch Mark Treatment

This nonsurgical treatment option is ideal for clients seeking to minimize the appearance of stretch marks associated with pregnancy, hormonal changes and weight gain. It works by using fractional laser light to break down stretch marks and naturally trigger healthy, new tissue growth, including collagen. It’s a fast, easy procedure that can be appropriate for all skin types.
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/Laser stretch mark treatment

Laser Tattoo Removal

As the number of individuals with tattoos has increased, so has the need for improved tattoo removal methods.  At the Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, we have state of the art equipment, known as the Picosure, that can remove your tattoo faster, safer and more effective than any other laser on the market.
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Laser tattoo removal

IPL Photofacial

We offer an optimized light skin rejuvenation treatment that can quickly and easily remove undesirable age spots, sun damage, rosacea, blood vessels and overall uneven skin texture and tone from the face and body without surgery and with little discomfort or downtime. You can benefit from this non-invasive procedure that can make skin appear clearer and younger-looking usually after just one treatment.
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Laser ipl photofacial

Laser Resurfacing

Skin imperfections on the face and body can detract from a person’s self-image, and can make clients look older than they want to appear. Laser skin resurfacing offers a fast and easy way to minimize the appearance of a wide variety of skin imperfections without invasive surgery and with minimal recovery time. Fractional Laser skin resurfacing can improve the appearance of age spots, sun spots, melasma, skin tone and texture, wrinkles, stretch marks, surgical scars, acne scars, burn scars, trauma scars and sebhorratic keratosis.
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Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Laser Wrinkle Treatments

Ablative laser wrinkle removal offers an easier and more comfortable alternative to invasive surgical procedures for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles on the face, including the deep lines that form around the eyes and mouth. In as little as one treatment, results are achieved that can rival results if a traditional facelift at a fraction of the cost or downtime.
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Laser wrinkle treatments

Scar Revision

Laser scar treatment is a great option to reduce the appearance of unwanted scars. This treatment is fast, easy and provides remarkable results. Any type of scar, new or old, such as acne scars, surgical scars, trauma scars, burns and other types can be treated.
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laser scar revision

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