Permanent makeup is an art form that uses pigments or inks and tiny needles to apply color under the skin to enhance natural beauty. This practice dates back and beyond ancient Egypt.
Think of Cleopatra and her infamous beauty, she and her ladies in waiting rubbed color from muddled berries into lips and cheeks to heighten color, Kohl to rim and darken eyes. Hence the art of cosmetic makeup was born.

As centuries have passed permanent makeup application and techniques have evolved and technology has made the procedure easier on both the client and technician. None the less, still an art form that combines technical skill and makeup artist abilities.
Permanent makeup done correctly should only enhance ones features: brightness to eyes, shape and color to brows, fullness and definition to lips. It should not replace a full face of makeup nor a night time look; but always appear soft and subtle. The colors appear more like water colors than an oil painting.

An untrained eye should not be able to detect it; only to notice that there is an improved difference to one’s appearance.


Brighten Those Eyes



Whether you want liner on just the top, bottom or on the last line, we allow you to be in full control of the treatment. We assess and help you determine the best shape and color to give you your best look. Alluring and striking eyes customized to just the way you like it 24 hours a day! Permanent perfection!

The best brows come from following what is already naturally there. Even if you don’t have much hair to follow, your bone structure and eyes will tell where your brows should be. After you have approved the shape of your choice, color is carefully selected to match your natural skin tone and hair color.


Liven Those Lips

If you have pale or uneven lips, scarred, sun damaged, cold sore damaged, or genetic harelip, this is the treatment for you. Add definition to your lips by applying permanent lip liner, or take it a step further by indulging in full lip coverage and kiss that lipstick goodbye!


A full permanent makeup treatment means that you will wake up everyday looking your best, while eliminating that morning “getting-ready” time with your perfect eyes, eyebrows, and lips staying in place immaculately 24 hours a day! These treatments are a natural enhancement that is beneficial to all women who want to look their best. Full face treatments are also beneficial for women with sensitive skin or experience sensitivities or allergies from cosmetic makeup everyday.

The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

No, not forever, all pigments and inks fade over time, including tattoos. Lifestyle plays a big part in colors longevity; sun exposure, swimming in chlorinated waters and skin crèmes that contain Retin-A or AHA’s will lighten color faster.
Permanent makeup uses pigments that are more natural in color than tattoos, the lighter the color the faster it will fade. Usually clients will return for a touch up yearly or 18 months for fresh color.
With either a digital pen using a small sterile cartridge that gently presses color into the skin. Or a manual instrument similar to a tiny blade that scratches the surface of the skin and color is then applied. Different techniques will be discussed with the client to decide which is best for their skin type and desired outcome.
No, a compounded, prescription strength topical gel is used for eyeliner and brows. Eyeliner has the odd sensation of a caterpillar crossing back and forth across the lash line. Brows feel like they are being brushed or gently tweezed. Lips require an inter-oral dental block performed by a MD.
The color will be 40 to 50% darker the first week, resembling more of a night time look. At about 4 to 5 days, small dots of skin will begin to flake, revealing the new softer color underneath. Full color will appear within 4 weeks. Clients will return in 4 weeks for the second application, this touch up service is included in pricing for all new procedures.
Yes, as in any procedure when the skin is broken and a foreign body introduced there is always the chance of a reaction. If a client can wear regular cosmetic makeup the risk is very low. The pigments are about 10x more pure than topical makeup. If a client is seeking permanent makeup because they are allergic to over the counter cosmetics, a patch test will be done. A 30 day wait period will determine if they are a candidate.

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